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      about hyUnion holding

      HyUnion Holding Co. Ltd.

      Founded in December 2004 and located at No. 1626 Qingwei Road Jimo Qingdao, HyUnion Holding Co., Ltd. is the key development enterprise of Qingdao Jimo with a registered capital of 300 million yuan RMB. The company was reconstructed into a Limited by Share Co. in May 2009, listed on the Small and Medium Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 2011, and successfully reorganized the internet financial information technology service company Liandong Youshi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in July 2016.


      ADDR. NO. 1626 QINGWEI ROAD, JIMO, QINGDAO.TEL:0532-89066166FAX:0532-89066196E-MAIL:hlmo@haili.com.cn

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